SumoJerky - Hard to find artisan jerky delivered to your door


Starting from $29 monthly
Shipping: Shipping varies. Free shipping if you order at least 6 bags per month.

If you enjoy hard to find branded jerky, SumoJerky has got you covered. They scour the globe to find the best jerky and send you a box with three types of artisan jerky every month. For each brand, they review all the ingredients to ensure the product meets SumoJerky standards.Your first ordered box ships within four business days.


JerkyGent - Discover America’s best jerky


Starting from $16 monthly
Shipping: Shipping is $3.95. Free if you order the XL Box.

Enjoy curated deliciousness in a box? JerkyGent sends anywhere from 2-8 bags of jerky sourced from the United States. They offer different plans depending on how much jerky you devour each month. Subscribe and you’ll discover truly exceptional jerky.


Mouth Jerky - Game changing craft jerky

Mouth Jerky

Starting from $60 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Mouth actually delivers all kinds of subscription boxes, and one of them happens to be a very delicious jerky box. You’ll get an assortment of interesting flavors, including campfire style angus beef smoked with hickory, game changing salmon jerky, addicting smoked bacon, and spicy and peppery for those who can take the heat. Expect your first subscription box to ship out within three business days.


Jerky Snob - It’s okay to get a little snobby with jerky

Jerky Snob

Starting from $15 monthly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

If you want artisan jerky delivered to your door every month to satisfy your healthy snacking needs, Jerky Snob is an excellent choice. They only send out jerky that contains no MSG, nitrates, or any of that artificial stuff. Enjoy the different flavors, textures, and spice levels and get your protein the delicious way.


Stick in a Box  - The new king of jerky

Stick in a Box

Starting from $15 monthly
Shipping: Shipping is $3 for the lightweight. Free shipping for the Gladiator and Office Jerk Box.

Although you won’t actually get any sticks in the box, you’ll get plenty of beef jerky from amazing small batch jerky makers from across the U.S. Want some Slim Jim’s? Go to 7-Eleven, this box is made for the jerky connoisseur.


LOLJerky - Jerky that might make you laugh


Starting from $13 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Why their name is LOLJerky beats us, but it might be because they bring a good time to every subscriber. LOLJerky delivers great tasting, grass-fed jerky in awesome flavors. All the good stuff, and none of the processed-tasting junk.


ClubJerky - Delicious and intriguing flavors


Starting from $20 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Want a variety of flavors to your jerky? Club Jerky features a range of flavors that include spicy chili all the way to vanilla bean. You’ll also receive Club Jerky trading cards and some much needed toothpicks. Choose from 2-4 flavors every month when you sign up to ClubJerky. 


Craft Jerky Co - Discover new flavors every month

Craft Jerky Co

Starting from $20 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Craft Jerky Co. delivers craft jerky from small-batch producers from across the U.S. Makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays. Choose from keto-friendly, gluten-free or paleo-friendly with no MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or high fructose corn syrup.