Spiffster Tie Club - Because every man needs a tie collection

Starting from $10 monthly
Shipping: Around $3. International shipping varies by destination.


Looking to spruce up your tie collection? Spiffster Tie Club is a monthly membership service that delivers premium handcrafted neckties, bow ties, or socks. Members can choose from three different styles: Business, Bold, or Variety (a mix of both).

What’s great about this service: There are people who love ties that will enjoy this tie club, and there are people who don’t have much of a tie collection but will appreciate receiving ties and experimenting with different patterns. Either way, it’s a delightful experience to wear a new tie to the office or event.


Escape The Crate - For the guy who’s hungry for adventure

Starting from $30 biweekly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

For those who enjoy the thrills of an escape room, here’s an adventure you can have right in your own living room. Escape the Crate is a bi-monthly box that puts you and your friends to detective work. 

What’s great about this service: Exciting titles include Escape on the High Seas, Escape the Mothman, and Escape: Christmas Past. Your escape adventure contains ciphers, pictures, tools, puzzles, and more. Just don’t throw away the box, as it has clues on itself.


Jerky Snob - Satisfy the stomach with artisan jerky 

Starting from $15 monthly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

Hungry? Grab a piece of high quality jerky produced by small-batch jerky enthusiasts from across the United States. Jerky Snob specializes in delivering this artisan jerky every month. 

What’s great about this service: Discover the different flavors of beef, pork, bison, elk and turkey. Their selections also come in a variety of flavors and spice levels, and contain no MSG, nitrates, nitrites or HFCS.


Dollar Shave Club - The original monthly razor club

Starting from $10 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

One of the very first subscription boxes to go viral, Dollar Shave Club delivers essential grooming products such as razors, shaving cream, deodorant, body wash and more every month. Members take a survey and get a customized package tailored to their needs. 

What’s great about this service: Affordable, high quality grooming products that will save you money and a trip to the department store. Also has a skip option in case you don’t need to exchange your razor blades.


MasterClass - For the guy who can’t stop learning

Starting from $180 yearly
Shipping: Not applicable.

Want to learn new skills? MasterClass allows its subscribers to acquire new skills by having the very best in the field educate via online course videos. Learn how to play poker better, code new apps, play a new instrument, or improve on a new sport.

What’s great about this service: The videos are exclusive and there are hundreds of topics to choose from. Learn from the greatest in their respective industry, from the likes of Usher, Daniel Negreanu, Wolfgang Puck, Christina Aguilera and Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Spiffy Socks - Replace the boring socks in the drawer

Starting from $11 biweekly
Shipping: Free Shipping in the US, international shipping varies by destination.

If your drawer is filled with boring, worn-down socks, it’s time to subscribe to Spiffy Socks. They deliver eco-friendly bamboo-fiber socks that come in colorful and fun patterns every month.

What’s great about this service: Spiffy Socks are super soft, contain antibacterial fighting properties, and thermo-regulating abilities to keep the feet warm and comfortable. Bamboo fibers are also one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.


Lumin - A true gentleman takes care of his skin

Starting from $60 bimonthly
Shipping: $7.95 per shipment.

We’re entering the 21st and a quarter century, folks. Men need to take care of their skin, too. Lumin has all the skincare products needed to help guys look more youthful and energized. Members receive a box filled with skin care products every other month.

What’s great about this service: Lumin products are jointly developed by the best experts in Los Angeles and Seoul, so you know you’re getting the best care for your skin. All of their products are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free as well.



Basic Man - For the guy who enjoys the basics

Starting from $60 bimonthly
Shipping: Free shipping in US.

If you’re a guy who enjoys wearing brandless one-color T-shirts, this subscription box is perfect for you. Basic Man delivers a high quality shirt, a pair of socks and a pair of underwear on a monthly basis.

What’s great about this service: Men tend to wear their shirts, socks, and undies way past their expiration date. The great thing about Basic Man is that it makes sure guys keep their essential wear fresh, and items even come with a “Destroy By” date.


Craft Beer Club - Don’t miss a single drop

Starting from $45 bimonthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Are you a beer connoisseur? Craft Beer Club delivers 12 different varieties of beer from microbreweries across the country every month. Also comes with 3 bonus gifts in the first shipment.

What’s great about this service: All of their selected craft beers are from 100% independent craft breweries, brewpubs and microbreweries. It’s a wonderful experience that will help you discover new tastes in beer with friends (As long as they are old enough, of course.). You can choose an ongoing beer club membership or Craft Beer Club gifts to ship monthly, every-other-month or even quarterly. 


Breo Box - Life-hack gear delivered in a box

Starting from $139 quarterly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Want to make your life less stressful? Breo Box is a quarterly lifestyle subscription that delivers essential gear to help make life easier. Each box contains 5-8 unique items that help with the modern lifestyle. Items include innovative tech, home goods, fitness equipment and the latest gadgets. 

What’s great about this service: Each Breo Box is loaded with interesting “make my life better” gadgets you never thought you’d treat yourself with. Discover new “Life Hacks” with every box. Some past items include Bluetooth earbuds, therapy lamps, fingerprint locks, and even the Amazon Echo Dot.