Winc - Discover the wine of your dreams


Starting from $39 monthly
Shipping: Shipping varies. Free with 4 or more bottles.

Winc delivers wines from around the world to your doorstep every month. Members start by taking a survey and answering questions (such as “How do you take your coffee?”) to determine their taste palette and preferences. Selections improve over time as they gauge your ratings. With over 5+ million positive reviews, they are well-experienced and will help you discover your favorite wine.


Vinebox - Delight your palate with fine wines delivered by glass


Starting from $79 quarterly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Vinebox delivers nine of the season’s best wines by the glass. Discover new regions and new wine styles, without having the risk of receiving an entire bottle. These hand-picked wines are exclusive and not available at your local store. In order to make sure the best wine is selected, they’ve tasted over 11,000 different brands and only 1% made the cut. You’ll receive credits with every box so once you find that perfect glass, you can order a full-sized bottle. 


Sip Society - Discover high-end champagne without breaking the bank

Sip Society

Starting from $55 biweekly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Sip Society is a subscription box that brings luxury sparkling wines to your doorstep every other month. For $54.95 per box, you’ll receive two or three mini bottles of sparkling wine from around the world like Prosecco, Cava and Sekt. Some of their top brands include ones you may already know, such as Veuve Clicquot, Moet and Laurent Perrier. Similar to Vinebox, members receive full-sized bottle credits so you can stock up on your favorite. Annual subscribers are given an additional bonus $10 at the end of the year as well.


Wine Society - A premium bottle alternative for anytime, anywhere enjoyment with no corkscrew required

Wine Society

Starting from $39 quarterly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

Wine Society is a quarterly subscription box service that delivers award-winning wine in sleek and beautiful 500 ML cans. Their Napa Valley wine is well-balanced and have won numerous awards, including Highest Rated Wine In A Can. You can choose from a premium red blend (Tempt), a white blend (Fate), and a rosé blend (Chance), or get all three. Wine Society is a woman-owned business started right in California, so open a can, pour it in a glass, and feel good and indulge. 


Bright Cellars - Try four new bottles of wine every month matched to your profile

Bright Cellars

Starting from $80 monthly
Shipping: $8 shipping.

Bright Cellars is a wine subscription service that delivers four new bottles to your doorstep every month. Once you’ve signed up, you will need to take a quiz in order to build your unique taste profile. Each bottle is then selected based on your unique taste profile. The whole idea was created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, so they created an algorithm that could match potential wines to a person’s preferences based on their answers. They’re so confident that if you’re not matched with a bottle you like, you can always contact them for a free replacement bottle in your next month’s experience.


Vine Oh! - A wonderful wine experience box for her

Vine Oh!

Starting from $60 quarterly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Vine Oh believes that opening a bottle of wine is an experience that needs more than just a wine opener. When you subscribe to Vine Oh, you’ll receive 2 bottles of California wine and 5-6 full-size products that are fun and rejuvenating. They include delicious sweets, accessories, jewelry and self-care products, that all together have a value of over $120. Choose from reds, whites, sweets, or a mix of both. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing night in.


Firstleaf - Award-winning wines delivered to your doorstep


Starting from $80 monthly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

If you tend to select wines that have won awards whenever you visit the liquor store, a subscription box to Firstleaf might be the right one for you. They claim that over 92% of their wine selections have won an award. You’ll receive six bottles in each box, and you can always adjust the frequency (from every month to every quarter). Choose wines based on your preferences, such as red, white, sparkling, rosé or a variety mix. You can even indicate if you prefer domestic or international wines as well.


Uncorked Box - A cocktail party accessories box

Uncorked Box

Starting from $45 quarterly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Not quite a wine subscription box per se, but a subscription to Uncorked Box will enhance your wine experience or cocktail party for sure. Each box is filled with 7-10 fun cocktail party related items. These include Pinot Noir bath bombs, shot glasses, pretty bottle openers, candles, and fun everyday accessories. A lot of care comes with every curated box, and they tend to come in themes such as New Year’s, Halloween, or Summer seasonal. It’s all about having a fun time when uncorking that bottle with your friends with Uncorked Box.


Wine Down Box - Gourmet wine, cheese and charcuterie pairings 

Wine Down Box

Starting from $70 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Nothing says a good night like a wine and cheese pairing. Wine Down expertly curates pairings from the best small-batch California wines and delivers them with fresh, artisanal cheese, handcrafted charcuterie, and crackers made from scratch. It’s the perfect combination to uncork and unwind with family and friends.


Sweetwine Club - A wine club created for the sweeter things in life

Sweetwine Club

Starting from $50 quarterly
Shipping: Free shipping.

A quarterly subscription, Sweetwine Club delivers three hand-selected, limited edition sweet wines. What makes them unique is that they cater towards people that enjoy sweeter wines. Their team of experts will curate and deliver the very best sweet wines right to your door, so it will save you the hassle and guesswork of strolling down the rows of wine shelves. Every box includes delicious recipes and food pairing recommendations so you can get the most out of your tasting experience.