Martha & Marley Spoon - Enjoy Martha Stewart’s favorite recipes.

Martha & Marley Spoon

Starting from $49 weekly
Shipping: $8.99 per shipment.

Martha & Marley Spoon delivers preportioned ingredients for recipes created by Martha Stewart. They use seasonal ingredients that are fresh and sustainably sourced. The meal kit plan allows you to choose from 29 weekly adventurous recipes with pre-measured ingredients that make cooking easy, fun, and most importantly, delicious!

Recipe Preview: miso-glazed salmon poke bowl, tortelloni florentine, kimchi spiced pork burgers, spiced garlic-butter steak, and spinach and mushroom bibimbap.


EveryPlate - Easy on the wallet, with classic American eats.


Starting from $30 weekly
Shipping: $8.99 per shipment.

Every Plate delivers classic, home-style recipes and fresh ingredients at a subscription price point that won’t break the piggy bank. Choose from 14 delicious and affordable recipes that change on a weekly basis. Each home-cooked recipe takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Recipe Preview: Tuscan herbed chicken, gravy lover’s meatballs, gooey stuffed pork burgers and chicken in creamy dijon sauce.


Hello Fresh - Easy on the wallet, with classic American eats.

Hello Fresh

Starting from $34 weekly
Shipping: Shipping is free for the first box, then $8.99 afterwards.

Hello Fresh is the most popular meal kit in the United States. You’ll receive high quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm. Don’t consider yourself a gourmet chef? No worries, each meal kit comes with Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional information. It’s also very flexible, so if you’re going out of town, you can pause your deliveries. 

Recipe Preview: Chicken sausage rigatoni, bulgogi lime pork tenderloin, Italian wedding soup, Middle Eastern chickpea bowls, BBQ pineapple flatbreads and pecan-crusted trout.


Blue Apron - Healthy options designed to keep the weight off your handles.

Blue Apron

Starting from $59 weekly
Shipping: Shipping varies.

Blue apron is also one of the largest services in the meal kit industry. Because they have partnered with WW (also known as Weight Watchers), they offer healthy options designed to keep the weight off your handles. Choose from an ever-changing mix of meat, fish, Beyond Meat, WW Approved and Diabetes Friendly recipes that offer health conscious deliciousness. 

Recipe Preview: NY strip steaks and truffle butter, sheet pan pesto salmon, spicy zucchini quesadillas, ponzu-sesame tofu and vegetables, and garlic and olive tilapia.


Sunbasket - Delicious foods for the calorie conscious person.


Starting from $69 weekly
Shipping: $5.99 shipping.

Are you keeping track of the number of calories you consume on a daily basis, but missing out on some delicious cuisines? Then Sun Basket might be the right choice for you. Their ingredients are fresh and organic, with many options for those who have specific dietary needs. Choose from Paleo, Vegetarian, Lean and Clean, Gluten-Free, Carb Conscious, Pescatarian, Fresh and Ready, Diabetes-Friendly, and more!

Recipe Preview: Spicy chorizo and tomatillo chili, Mediterranean turkey kebabs, Pumpkin seed-crusted sole, steak and zucchini salad with red pepper vinaigrette, and tomato-braised chicken with butternut squash.


Purple Carrot - Improve your diet by eliminating animal fats.

Purple Carrot

Starting from $68 weekly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Want to experience the plant-based revolution? Purple Carrot is a meal kit that delivers delicious vegetarian-based recipes. They state that a healthy, plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to play a role in reversing chronic disease. If you’re a vegetarian or looking for a way to start, this meal kit is a great way to get into it. You’ll be able to lower your cholesterol and lose some weight in the process.

Recipe Preview: Blood orange poke bowls, Greek seitan gyros, spicy mango tempeh, Korean tofu tacos, tropical coconut pancakes, and West African peanut stew.


Hungryroot - Spend less time preparing your meal.


Starting from $69 weekly
Shipping: For plan sizes that are less than $70, shipping is $6.99. It's completely free for plan sizes that are over $70.

Hungryroot is a meal kit for those that are always on-the-go, or for those who have a limited amount of time and they would rather not spend it in the kitchen. You’ll get fresh produce, meats and seafood, plant-based proteins, grains, and seasonings that come prepackaged and easy to prepare. Use their “Chef’s Pick” recipes to create a wholesome meal with a handful of ingredients within minutes.

Recipe Preview: Pesto shells with beef meatballs, tofu and rainbow veggie lentil dal, sesame ginger poke bowl with edamame, feta turkey burger with side salad.


Factor - The microwave is your friend.


Starting from $60 weekly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Need to save even more time? Factor delivers delicious, organic, non-GMO meals that only require a few minutes in the microwave to prepare. Every meal is cooked from scratch by real chefs using the freshest ingredients and never frozen along the way. Their menu updates on a weekly basis so you can pick your favorites or they can craft your order based on your taste preference and meal history.

Recipe Preview: Steak with roasted sweet potatoes, mustard salmon, brisket ropa vieja, spicy turkey poblano, stuffed pork tenderloin, grass-fed burger with tomato bacon chutney. 


Splendid Spoon - Read to eat soup and smoothie meal service.

Splendid Spoon

Starting from $65 weekly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Another time saver meal subscription plan that provides ready-to-eat smoothies, soups, and salad bowls delivered straight to your door. Some of the meals don’t even require heating, so you can enjoy it anywhere without worrying about having something to heat your meal up with. Best of all, all of their products are plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free.

Recipe Preview: Chocolate cherry smoothie, vegetable Bolognese bowl, dragon fruit berry smoothie, brown rice taco bowl, sumin sweet potato soup, and Mexican tomato soup.


Butcher Box - For the meat eaters.

Butcher Box

Starting from $129 monthly
Shipping: Free shipping.

Are you a carnivore? Butcher Box is all about that premium meat that has already been carefully cut and prepared, so it will save you ample amounts of time. You’ll receive about 10 pounds of meat that include organic beef, heritage pork, grass-fed lamb, wild-caught seafood and free-range chicken. Best of all, all the meat is 100% grass fed and antibiotic and hormone free.

Recipe Preview: Not a recipe since they only deliver meats, but you’ll get a range of high-quality cuts, from ground beef to filet mignon. The meats are flash frozen and delivered in an eco-friendly box containing dry-ice.