Ramen Hero

by Ramen Hero

Authentic Honkaku ramen noodles delivered to your doorstep

Not into the cup ramen? Ramen Hero delivers authentic “Honkaku” ramen noodles to your doorstep. Founder Hiro Hasegawa made it his mission to bring every American the most delicious, most authentic Japanese ramen experience. All you have to do is boil some water and warm up the ingredients and you've got yourself a gourmet noodle dish at home. You can experience it in many different ways, including Totally Tonkotsu, Misosaurus, Matchamaker, Magic Mushroom, and Crying Samurai. They have vegetarian options as well.
  • Experience the authentic "umami" taste of Japan's gourmet ramen shops.
  • No need to slice and dice. All you need to do is boil water.
  • All fresh, natural ingredients and no artificial MSG.

Ramen Hero reviews

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Love the noods, wish it was slightly cheaper though.

Apr 08, 2021

  Ashleigh M.   
With the lockdown in effect, I've been craving for some authentic Ramen, and not the instant stuff you can get at your local gas station. I'm talking fancy noodles, okay? I tried Ramen Hero, and it's pretty darn tasty! I miss going out and eating it at my local place called Ishita Ramen (store name is misleading) but it's better to be safe for now. This box was just as great! One gripe is that it is kinda expensive ($70 per month, which equates to around $18 per serving).

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