Puzzle Exchange

by Puzzle Exchange

The subscription box for puzzle enthusiasts

Puzzles are a great way to improve your memory, productivity, and problem solving ability. So why not try out a new hobby with all these great mental health benefits! Puzzle Exchange delivers three or more puzzles to rent, every month. Once you have finished, return them in time to receive a new batch of puzzles. It’s almost like the old Netflix DVD days, but for puzzles. With access to thousands of puzzles, you’ll have tons of fun and won’t have to worry about storing them after you’re done.
  • Rent from thousands of unique and beautiful puzzles
  • Receive 3-6 puzzles a month depending on your plan
  • Eliminate waste and storage space. Once finish, return and get a new one!
Plans as low as:
Enjoy this subscription
  • Monthly
Shipping is included with the price.