Madmen and Heroes

by Madmen and Heroes

Disentangle mysteries, puzzles, ciphers and all matters of confounding and mystifying enigmas

Madmen and Heroes delivers a mystery case box every month. You will be immersed in a compelling story that contains genuine historical events. Each box contains artifacts, photographs, letters and puzzles. You will be given challenges you will need to overcome in order to solve the mystery. If you're unfamiliar with specific historical characters, you can go online to learn more about the people you are solving puzzles about. Although it’s not your typical escape room puzzle, having a historical aspect to the box gives it a fun and educational twist that will teach you about real-life characters and how they had their hand in history.
  • A mystery box that contains a compelling story that contains real historical events
  • At the conclusion of each box, you will get additional information either about a historical resistance effort that the story was based upon
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